High-quality data to power your AI initiatives

Images, videos, speech, text, you name it: we collect and annotate custom training data tailored to your AI needs on an end-to-end basis.
Forget about learning how to use complicated data labeling platforms, communicating with crowd workers or validating data on your own

Get the right data with a white-glove service




Audio transcription in 150+ languages, time code annotation
Object recognition and detection, classification



Classification, named entity recognition


Classification, bounding box annotation


Usability testing

ASR testing

Global data collection
Data annotation and labeling
We take care of all the state-of-the-art data collection and annotation under the hood so you can focus on turbo-charging your AI initiatives.
Serge Kuznetsov, CEO

Why ReadyData?

In our experience, starting with a clear, thorough project brief and ensuring the process goes as planned is what makes a difference in terms of costs and turnaround times.
Our project management and tech teams work closely together to make sure no important details slip through the cracks.

Details under control

An international crowd of more than 1 million people is instantly available for most data collection and annotation tasks, and it’s rapidly scalable on the fly.
Swiss knife
We understand the nuances of each project type and the potential pitfalls to avoid. For the most complex and unique tasks, we build ad hoc teams of data collectors, assessors and analysts.
We have completed more than 360 projects, from simple labeling to highly complicated tasks involving offline collection and multistep annotation.

Deep and versatile expertise

Time is money: The faster you get your first data set, the sooner you can prove your concept and move on to the next iteration.

Quick start and rapid scaling


Collected and labeled 25,000 live images of text from 15 countries to train the Live Text feature in Apple’s iOS.
Image collection
Transcribed and annotated 2,700 hours of livestreamed video in four languages to train AliExpress’s simultaneous video translation service.
Speech annotation
Collected 12,800 hours of speech data (over 5.7 million utterances) in five languages to develop a voice assistant for VinFast, the Vietnamese carmaker.
Speech data collection

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